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How Does Your Kit Perform Off Road?

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Many people think the solution to more low end power is to slap a supercharger on and call it a day. While this may assist you to a degree, you're far better off investing your money elsewhere. If more power off road is what you seek, the better money would be spent on gears and tires. Granted, your stock V6 Pentastar engine can produce more than enough power to get you up a mountain, its traction and gearing that holds your Jeep back. The supercharger is just another component that could potentially fail in the most remote place possible.

Prodigy Turbo Kits give you extra “boost” in your off-roading when you need it.  Most off-roading does not call for much more power than a stock Jeep provides.  However, when you’re trying to crawl over that one rock where you just can’t seem to make it, accelerate enough to get the turbo into beginning boost mode and use the power to get over the rock.  We hear from our Turbo customers who do lots of serious off-roading that they seldom NEED the power of the Turbo.

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