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Considering a Jeep Hemi Swap?

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Thinking about a Hemi or LS swap for your Jeep Wrangler?

Consider Turbocharging your existing engine with a Prodigy Performance Turbo Kit instead.



Anyone who has a Jeep Wrangler knows that more power is what you really want. While stuffing a big V8 engine under the hood of your Jeep seems like a no-brainer, there are better options out there. Sure, you'll get more power than the Wrangler's stock V-6 Pentastar, but you can get even more power by installing a Prodigy Performance "bolt-on" Turbo Kit to your existing engine at a fraction of the cost! Our power delivery is second to none, experience the smoothest shifting and ridiculous power at your disposal. 
Want Proof? Continue reading OR click here to watch a Prodigy Performance Turbo Jeep vs. 6.4L Jeep Grand Cherokee race head to head! 
jeep hemi conversion kit


As you know Jeep parts are NOT cheap and can add up rather quickly, especially in efforts of creating your dream Jeep. It's a matter of time before you have a whole bunch of parts and accessories and not a whole lot of money. With that said we recommend investing in a high quality power adder such as our renown turbocharger system. Adding more parts is only going to decrease your Jeeps performance by adding more weight. Do it right the first time and invest your money in something that is going to keep your Jeep performing at it's best. 

Total money spent is barely comparable. The Prodigy turbo system is a whole lot less in regards to what you can expect to pay when considering a Jeep Hemi Conversion. Prodigy Performance offers our complete Turbo Kit for about $7,000. Figure $1,200 - $1,500 if you hire a professional to install your kit. Installing a Hemi or LS engine will set you back anywhere from $24,000 - $32,000. The price will fluctuate depending on how big of a motor you decide to go with. We offer a solution at a fraction of the price, not to mention the amount you will save on insurance by not having to insure a big V8 engine. Your rates WILL SOAR if you decide to go with the hemi.

With all the money you will save by installing our turbo kit you will be able to purchase all of those non essential parts that you know you want! Your wife will never know!

jeeps with hemi engines


Time is a huge factor! Depending on your situation, if you're using your Jeep as your daily driver you will be out of a vehicle for up to 21 days. Talk about inconvenient! So you will either need to borrow a vehicle or purchase a rental car which will easily cost you an additional $400-$700 in rental fees alone. Additionally, the time it takes to prepare and place your order for a Jeep hemi swap typically requires 1-2 weeks notice. 

Whereas, our Prodigy Performance turbo kits are always in stock ready for same day shipping. Upon delivery owners may decide to proceed with the install themselves or hire a professional to get the installation done. Our kit is shipped and accompanied with a 50+ page manual as well as full video instructional series easily accessible via YouTube, to assist in the installation. On average, we recommend 10-12 hours for first time installations. We have reports of a father and son installing the kit in their driveway over the span of 1 weekend. Shops with experience installing our products can crank out the installation within 6-9 hours!

Time is money.

jeep hemi install time


A V-8 adds a lot of unnecessary extra weight to your Jeep. Weighing in at approximately 200 - 300 additional pounds to your stock Wrangler. Whereas, our Prodigy turbo kits add about 50 lbs overall. The turbo kit is much lighter and efficient when compared to the big V8 motor, all while producing MORE power. The overall additional weight added from the hemi will result in the need for increased stopping power. You may find your brakes to become a bit less responsive after the installation of the hemi. It would be advisable to sink an additional investment in your Jeeps brakes due to the additional weight accompanied by the Jeep hemi conversion.

jeep hemi weight


A Prodigy Turbo Kit actually improves your gas mileage. Turbocharged engines are more efficient due to the nature of the system. Turbo Jeeps utilize the vehicles exhausted gas to spin the turbine resulting in less work load from the engine itself when driven conservatively. Our customers see between 1-4 mpg increase after turbocharging their Jeep. As you can assume the V8 hemi's are anything but economical. Diesel fuel in general is much more expensive and is not as sought after as it once was. Overall you not only lose significant miles per gallon but also have to deal with the additional expenses of "DEF" and the much more expensive cost of diesel fuel.

To get a better grasp of the type of mileage you can expect to get from our turbo system click on the image or link below. This video will demonstrate what you can expect in regards to fuel economy while sporting a Prodigy Performance Turbo Kit. Increased MPG despite the additional weight. Below are the specs of the owners Jeep. Family of 4 packed for a weekend camping trip, pulling a trailer full of camping gear (~800 lbs).

This Vehicle is equipped with:    

  • 2013 Wrangler Sport Manual Transmission

  • 2" AEV lift

  • 33x12.5x15 Duratrac tires

  • 15x8 Black Rock D-Window Alloy wheels

  • 4.10 gears

  • Prodigy Stage 2 Turbo Kit 

Prodigy Turbo Jeep MPG DEMO Video

jeep hemi performance



  • Hemi/LS conversions require you to change/modify/remove all of parts of the following Jeep systems/components: 
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cool system - radiator, hoses, thermostat, etc
  • Wiring harness, computer, electircal system components
  • Transmission
  • Entire exhaust system
  • Cutting and welding of original Jeep frame

jeep 5.7 hemi horsepower

So what do you get in a prodigy performance turbo kit?

jeep 6.4 hemi

What should you expect from a Prodigy Performance Turbo Kit? Simply, the best! At Prodigy, we use the highest quality components in all of our Turbo Kits.  From industry leaders like Precision and Garrett Turbos, to Tial wastegates and blowoff valves and Diablo Intune tuners, we provide our customers with the best kit on the market.  We include everything you need to make your install go smoothly. From nuts and bolts to clamps and hoses, EVERYTHING for the install is included in our Turbo Kit. Just time and the tools needed to complete the job are all you need to give your Wrangler the power you want. 

Prodigy Turbo jeep Races!


The following race videos have been created solely to display the power you can expect from one of our kits. Our Stage 2 Turbo Kit was NOT intended to turn your Jeep into a “Race Jeep”. However, the performance enthusiasts that we are feel this is one of the best ways to display such power. Enjoy the following races where you’ll see videos of us walking away from mustangs, challengers, and even a hemi SRT!

prodigy turbo jeep racing a jeep hemi
turbo jeep racing a mustang
turbo jeep races a corvette
turbo vs challenger
jeep races audi
jeep wrangler quarter mile


mopar jeep wrangler hemi conversion kit

Robert C - Miami, FL

"I had my first Prodigy Turbo Kit installed in my 2010 Jeep 3.8L 2-Door and had great results. It is still to this day making my 42 in tires turn with great power. Last year I purchased a 2015 Jeep JKU with a 3.6 Pentastar. I wanted more power and more performance. Made a call to Dan @prodigyperformance and they shipped me the PRO-2002 Stage 2 Kit right out. The Turbo is running great in my new build. Great people, great service and a great product. Thanks and they're always there to answer any questions or concerns." 

jeep 5.7 hemi reliability

Hamed A - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"I bought a Prodigy Stage 2 Turbo Kit for my 2015 Jeep Wrangler.  SSS Garage in Dubai sold it and installed it for me.  Prodigy took my PCM and re-programmed it so  would accept the Prodigy tune.  I have the  first install SSS did after becoming Authorized Distributor/Dealer for Prodigy in UAE.  They did a fantastic job and I am very pleased with the system.  I drive it very hard in the dunes outside Dubai as well as on the highway.  I am very impressed with how well it performs in the hot desert here where temperatures exceed 120 degrees F.  I have friends who have installed hemi engines in their Wranglers and it is fun to watch their faces when they see how much more power I have to theirs hemi.  I recommend everyone to get Prodigy Turbo if you want big power.  Thank you Prodigy Performance!

jeep jk hemi conversion

Jeff L - Farmington Hills, MI

My 2013 Wrangler is both a daily driver and an occasional off-road toy.  It has been turbocharged for almost 3 years and 40,000 miles now.  I started with the Prodigy Stage 1, then upgraded to the Stage 2 a few months later.  The power is intoxicating and makes the Jeep all around more fun to drive.  This isn't just "more power", "the amount of power a Jeep should have", or "pretty fast for a Jeep."  This goes above and beyond into "ridiculously fast for a Jeep" territory and has a tendency to trigger involuntary smiles and laughter in both drivers and passenger when you open the throttle.

hemi crate engine for jeep wrangler

Rafael F - Arlington, VA

" I purchased a Prodigy Stage 2 kit for my 2015 Wrangler.  I wanted to add more power to my Jeep and after much research decided to go with a Prodigy Turbo over the supercharger options.  After driving it for 2+ months, I’m sure glad I went with the Prodigy Turbo!  It has amazing power, much more than I expected.  They also gave me a super deal on other Jeep accessories I was looking for.  If you’ve thought about a forced induction system for your Wrangler, Prodigy is the only way to go."

jeep wrangler rubicon hemi

Richard R - New Orleans, LA

"I purchased a 2015 JKUR and bought a Prodigy Stage 2 with Precision dual ceramic ball bearing. Let me tell you as a repeat customer from their first kits (bought a Stage 1 and upgraded to Stage 2 when it became available) through the testing and tuning process to where Prodigy is now…. LEAPS and BOUNDS! Now having their new turbo on my new Jeep for almost a year and a half, I can honestly say I am very pleased with the custom tune from Prodigy. The quality of the pipes and the TIG welding is second to none.  This is a massive upgrade from their first kit(s) when they introduced the turbo kit for the Pentastar engine back in 2012/2013.  Everything in the box is packaged and labeled, easy to read for a DIY weekend project. On their website they have a detailed step by step install video that is very helpful.  You can skip through the different videos or follow along to each video step by step, depending on your mechanical knowledge. All the videos are in chronological order.  My buddy and I were able to do it with just the basic tools over a weekend.  It really is a complete bolt on kit!  Prodigy sent me 1 tune and it is excellent right out of the box. Drivability is seamless if you have an automatic and plan on upgrading your tire size from stock.
I’ve had 3 JK's, a 2007 Unlimited Sahara (non turbo) sold, 2012 Unlimited Sport (Prodigy’s Garret Turbo stage 1, upgraded to Stage 2) sold, 2015 Unlimited Rubicon (Prodigy’s Precision Turbo Stage 2) currently have.  Going forward, I don’t think I will ever have a JK that doesn’t have a Prodigy Kit on it.  That’s my honest opinion.  There really isn’t a way to describe the feeling you get when you have all the characteristics of a turbo spooling and that BOOST you feel under the hood of your modified JK with the doors and top off, hearing all the superb sounds around you in the open cabin of your jeep.  It is a JOY to drive."


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