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Jeep JL Performance Upgrade

by Wes Hamilton on (233 Views)

My new JL Wrangler has VTEC?

The short answer is YES. We began watching the evolution of the Pentastar since its introduction to the JK Wrangler in 2012. The Pentastar engine proves to be incredible in every way. The all-aluminum V6 came equipped from the beginning with dual overhead cams and continuously variable valve timing making it a truly modern powerplant. In 2016 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles added variable lift to the 3.6L Pentastar in the Grand Cherokee! It was only a matter of time before FCA brought this technology to the Wrangler. So, when the new JL Wrangler came out it was no surprise to us at Prodigy Performance that the JL would have the latest technology. Some of you may remember the variable lift design from Honda known as VTEC. The details of how it works are displayed well in this video. Variable lift allows the vehicle to have two different camshaft lifts to deliver more power across the entire rpm spectrum.

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