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ARP Head Studs for 2012-2017 3.6L Jeep Wrangler PRO-5002

PRO-5042   2012 - 2017

ARP Head Studs | 3.6L

When we started pushing the limits on the 3.6L engine, we discovered the factory cylinder head bolts were not up to the task. In fact, they would begin to stretch at about the 12psi mark and allow compression to leak. This resulted in blown a head gasket. We needed a solution and so we turned to ARP the leader in engine fasteners. Whether you have a Supercharged Wrangler or an Extreme Turbo Build you will not get far without these. Save yourself time and money. Do it right the first time. Prodigy Performance’s custom made ARP cylinder head studs for 3.6L engines. If your Jeep is making big power and you want to get rid of the factory cylinder head bolts that are prone to stretching, THIS is the solution.

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