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PRO-1002   2007 - 2011

Jeep Wrangler 3.8L Stage 2 Turbo Kit

$5,999.00 - $5,999.00

More power than a hemi! This kit from Prodigy Performance gives you the power boost you need for your 2007-2011 JK Wrangler.  Don't settle for a whiny supercharger when you can get SUBSTANTIALLY more power from a Prodigy Performance Turbo Kit!


We smoke everything from Hemi equipped Challengers and Cherokee's, 6L Mustangs, and Audi A4's.  We have some serious power! Check out our race videos below.

[Mustang Race]

[Cherokee Race]

[Challenger Race]

[Corvette Race]

[Audi Race]

[1/4 Mile]


We've compiled an INFORMATIVE PAGE to provide you with additional info and facts if you still haven't made up your mind to join the Turbo Revolution.  

To accompany our comprehensive, illustrated step by step manual, we have a series of 25+ videos available on our site as well as our YouTube channel. Between the manual and the videos all of your install questions can be answered.  If not, just call 855-TURBOJEEP (855-887-2653) and our tech team will be glad to assist you.

Click HERE to view complete install videos

Turbo Model

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