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Rigid 21111 D Series Dually - Flood - (Flush Mount)

Rigid Industries is by far the leader when it comes to offload LED lighting. The D series are their bread and butter in our opinion. They are equipped with rugged housing and heavy duty heat sinks, not to mention a custom molded seal. These lights are the ultimate compact lighting package, they can virtually fit anywhere you need them to. Not only are they constructed to last they also have the most optimal performance. These lights sport a combination of lens and reflectors, the hybrid optics system capture the maximum amount of light emitted from the led and projects it exactly where you want it. They're so compact and versatile you can use them for any of your automobile needs, this includes in your truck bed, motorcycle, tool box, and more. When shopping for a Jeep wrangler light bar or cube be sure to do your research and make a smart informed decision the first time around and go with a Rigid!

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